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I decided to give you guys a small look at my place. Firstly, I need to point out that I’m currently living at my aunt’s house in a 55+ community! Yes, you read that correctly. It’s allowing me to save up enough money to finally have my own home. I have been doing small changes inside but nothing too crazy because my boyfriend and I hope to be in our own home in a year or so. I still wanted to be able to live and comfortably but on a budget because most of our income is going into savings. Anyway, here are some projects I’ve worked on and I hope you enjoy them!

The Closet:
The closet was a not so planned project. I came home one day to my entire closet fallen apart.  I had those old wire shelving and I hope we can all agree how horrible those are. Anyway, a new closet organizing unit was clearly not in our budget so I’ve decided to be crafty. I first looked at a few images online on how I wanted my closet to look and started brainstorming. Once I found a realistic option I was ready to make this work.

First thing I purchased was a 3 cube organizer from walmart that was only $19.99 that I will use for the center and base to hold everything in. I also got a faux marble contact paper, $4.99, to use for the back of the cube and for a small table that I wanted to up-cycle. Lastly and most importantly I needed somewhere to hang my clothes. I wanted something I can move or if I had come up with a better solution down the line it wouldn’t be a hassle to change. I decided on an adjustable rolling clothing rack They were $14.00 each and I needed to get 2 of them. 1 for each side of the 3 cube organizer. I also picked up a few cheap hangers because I had to also make some room for my boyfriend’s things. Having my closet fall apart was a perfect excuse to bring us a little closer and have the conversation about leaving some things at my place!


My favorite part about this project was how easy everything was to build. The rolling rack was also adjustable and made it easy for everything to stay in place. There is also an option for me to leave the wheels off although I decided to keep them on. The ends of the top racks met with the ends of the closet very nicely and the 3 cube organizer also helped keep everything from moving. Back to the faux marble contact paper. I used that to wrap the back of the cube organizer to add a little pop and make it look/ seem like it was something more desirable. I liked this little touch and honestly made me love the entire thing! As you can see I use the middle part where the racks meet as a pocketbook hook and the cubs to house my shoes. I also used one of the small bins I bought to keep some small items away. I was thinking of adding another 3 cub organizer with the same faux marble backing and putting it right above the first one to really tie everything together and lastly, I still need a top shelf right above where the top of the racks end. I will post the end result in another blog later on. My boyfriend and I plan on making the shelving ourselves from some wood from Home Depot and maybe even build some small shoe organizing units on the left and right sides of the closet. Don’t forget to check back later on for the updates!



Here are a few other small changes I made around my bedroom that helped make me feel like I wasn’t living in a guest bedroom.

End Tables: Walmart, On sale for $13.00 each
Home Sweet Home SignBig-lots, $12.00
Wine: Aldi, $5.99
Bedspread: Walmart, On sale for $35.00
Lamp:Target, On sale/ Clearance $9.00

Random throw pillows were purchased at Walmart a few years ago
I up-cycled the units on the left and right of the home sweet home sign
The Bed Serving Platter was a piece from my old apartments model apartment.

I hope you guys enjoyed a little look at my temporary home! Cannot wait to show you more little projects we’re working on along the way!

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Author: Angelique Rosado

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