6 Marketing Trends For 2017

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6 Marketing Trends of 2017

Content You Can Play With

Readers want more than just content, Try polls surveys quizzes even infographics say Aj Agrawal from Forbes. These allow your readers to what I like to say “Play with content” Your readers and subscribers will not only spend more time on your website but will lead to high conversion rates. Interactive content also draws more attention and gets the reader involved! Get them to really really like you! (Not the crazy ex-girlfriend like… you don’t want that)


Media is a great trend for 2017, Especially video. Facebook’s algorithm pushes out more video & live video than any other plain text post. I’m sure you have noticed this while scrolling through Facebook. Aj also explains that around 95% of your feed includes video.

Facebook Live

Speaking of video content, Facebook live is a hot marketing trend. Another live feed comes from Instagram’s story option, Like infamous Snapchat. Facebook, just like the regular video will push live feeds over any other content. Try a live Facebook video the next time you decided to give your followers some words!


Snapchat is short-lived content and as everyone knows only displays video or pictures for anytime between 1-10 seconds. Yea, that’s it. After the time is up unless this snap is on your story will disappear to be gone forever. When you add media to your story it lasts up to 1 day and for whatever reason, you missed that 5-second video, users have the options to replay 1 video or picture a day! But that’s it. It seems to be extremely appealing to viewers especially those with short attention spans. (cough cough, this entire generation) People want instant and short content, including myself. No shame. Another example of this is bullet point content articles. (Like this one!) These are short and to the point.

Mobile VS Desktop

A few years ago when developing a website it was created mainly around a desktop view and because we already learned that mobile views have surpassed desktop all that is changing. Now that more people use their smartphone or mobile device it’s smarter to create websites, content articles and ads around mobile-first, desktop second. This will help user experience and overall help with CTR.

Personality Marketing

Also known as influence marketing is not anything new but something that is not done enough. This includes customer testimonials & recommendations from trusted sources, normally from a liked public figure. This doesn’t have to necessarily be a star or anything really just someone people look up to and trust. People tend to listen to people they trust or who are close to someone even if it’s only through the internet.

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Author: Angelique Rosado

Business Brand Development, Writer, Creative Opportunist

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