Your Brand & Why It’s Important

“The brand is a promise of the value you will receive”.

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Your Brand & Why It’s Important

Most business owners don’t realize how important branding is. Your logo is the start of many design elements that visually reflect who you are as a business. Another idea of branding is slogans and verbiage in marketing materials. Fast Company Magazine states “The brand is a promise of the value you will receive”.

Be unique with your branding and differentiate yourself from your competition. Analyze what you do best and run with it. Your brand doesn’t necessarily need to be a salon or spa but a service that you exceed most in over the others.

Back to your logo. Don’t let it be too gimmicky and definitely don’t get too personal. I have seen business fade out due to a name or logo that just may not stick with the community in your field of business or maybe because the name was too corny. You need to have a happy medium and think of a logo that is easily understood but not upfront obvious. Remember this logo has to be something your customers remember not something they want to forget.

Your business name. This is also very important. A lot of people go with a business name that may not have anything to do with the line of work they are in, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean we are all trying to be unique right! If you are going to have a business name that doesn’t give you the idea of what the business is making sure your slogan describes what you do. Something so simple can, in fact, make or break your business

Your business cards. It’s not just a business card. This card is YOU. This card is the only piece a customer has as a reflection of you once they leave. Remember to have a clear picture of your logo on this as well as what you do so when they are looking, later on, they will have your name and logo connected to a service or product they need. This technique goes back to the early ages of marketing and branding and is the most important.

Websites & social media. Again, make sure you have your logo clearly located on both your website and social media pages. We’re trying to get a rhythm here. It also will help with how you are being listed on search engines and will help your ranking if you have the same logo on all of your pages. This consistent multimedia helps you rank higher on google based on algorithm analytics done in early 2015. Make sure you take your slogan and use the same marketing materials you have been using on all your other. Consistency is a major role in all of your branding! Make sure you are delivering the same message!

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Author: Angelique Rosado

Business Brand Development, Writer, Creative Opportunist

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