Take A Chance, Your Future Self Will Thank you!






Today is April 23, 2019, and in the spirit of “National Take A Chance Day”, I want you to do something that your future self will thank you for.


For me, my biggest “Take A Chance Moment” was moving to Florida in 2015. I knew that I wanted a change, that I wanted to grow as an individual, meet new people, and widen my range for success.


I went from working at a call center that offered free cruises, to running my own freelance business and working with marketing agencies. The point is, I took a chance and I made a decision that completely changed the course my life was headed in.


I’ve always had a thing for branding and marketing, even while living in New York my creative side got the best of me. I would help the beauty salons I was working for with their marketing, completely re-branded a salon and helped run a small office from smart circle advertise Makeover Essentials. #JUICE


It was always in my blood to be creative and to show off the brands that I love and had I not gone after my dreams and took a chance, I’m not sure where I would be. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be successful in life, It’s more about not being scared to take those chances in fear of not reaching my potential or falling flat on my face. I’m at a point in my life where I have practiced and truly mastered my skill and it’s all thanks to not being scared and taking those chances.


I believe everyone should take a chance today, at something, ANYTHING, even if it’s small. Try waving to someone you don’t know, give that opinion you may not think will go over well, decide to move forward with that investment opportunity, move away from your small town. take advantage of “National Take A Chance day” and make it worth it, your future self will thank you for it.


If you’re interested in getting into the freelance world or want to know more about how I’ve perfected my skills over the years, I’ll be publishing a blog about it in May. Don’t worry I’m not selling you anything. I’ve gotten a lot of people asking me how to become a freelancer and I’ll say it’s not a workshop ANYONE can create and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. But, hopefully, my story will inspire you to go after and perfect your skills and freelance the work you have passion for, not the work someone says makes the most money!


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Author: Angelique Rosado

Business Brand Development, Writer, Creative Opportunist

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