Boynton Beach Apartment Guide

My Top 3 Apartment Choices in Boynton!

Searching for apartments can be tricky, especially South Florida. My boyfriend and I currently reside in Boynton Beach and looking for an apartment was much harder than we expected. We used multiple websites, lots of researching and finally came up with 3 top options! To be honest, once we decided on our 3 favorites, it didn’t get much easier. Here are our top 3 choices for apartments in Boynton Beach, Florida and how we found them. * our move in costs were based on a move in mid-month and approved credit pricing. Also, keep in mind these deals may not be still available.

Verona at Boynton Beach
The District


Rent: $1599
Specials: 1 Month Free Rent, Half off Admin & Applications, $800 Deposit
Total Move-In: $1849.00

I have to start out saying how much I absolutely love OneBoynton, Spoiler Alert, This community is my personal favorite. We found the apartment community on which, is an apartment finder. I called at first and was surprised to get all the information I wanted over the phone. Stacy, The Marketing Representative was extremely helpful. This was a huge aspect of why this community was my favorite. Here are a few other key points

Beautiful Communal Space

The communal space was honestly mesmerizing! I work from home so having space that I can take full advantage of is a must. There is a Bistro Cafe, beautiful lounge area, conference rooms, full business center, beautiful kitchen, I mean, see for yourself!

Large Dining Area

The dining area was larger than we were expecting and we instantly had a plan to use the space closest to the wall as a small office area for me and the other half for dining purposes, of course.

Community Culture/Engagement

This was a big thing for me, I loved the people walking around with their Fur Babies and walking to the Publix near the community. One of my favorite things to point out here is that they had bikes you can use for free and people really took advantage of that perk, in a good way! The management office also had really cool events and they are all about community, I can’t stress how much that is a plus for me. Stacy always had a smiling face, had the answers to my questions. She wasn’t too pushy but always followed up. I knew that If I lived in OneBoynton I would be extremely satisfied even if an emergency apartment situation may arise.

Verona At Boynton Beach

Type: 1 Bed/ 1 Bath

Rent: $1550
Specials: 1 Month Free Rent, Half off Admin & Applications
Total Move-In: $1875.00
Discovery: Old place, new ownership!

“If you can’t appreciate me at my Aventine, you don’t deserve me at my Verona”

In 2015 I moved to Florida and my first apartment was the Aventine, The old Verona. It wasn’t updated but, it was a nice place and I was drawn to the large sunroom.

In 2018 the now, Verona underwent a huge transformation including a change of ownership. The Verona is now owned by Robbins Property LLC and let me tell you, #UPGRADE.  The community is absolutely beautiful. Here are all the reasons Verona was a top pick for us.


The owners, upper management all the way down to the maintenance crew are absolutely amazing. The property management company I mentioned before, Robbins truly care about their employees which trickles down to the guests. The place is always spotless and the ladies inside, Jenissa and Kayla are just delightful. They show compassion and they are always about fixing a situation. Also, their after-hours emergency line is always answered by Ken. He is on the maintenance crew and is on call most of the time. I spoke with some of the residents and they only had great things to say about him, along with the rest of the staff.


Out of my top 3 picks, the Verona has the largest bonus room by far. When I lived in the Aventine, we used the sunroom as an office space which worked perfectly because as you know, I work from home. It also doubled as a guest bedroom and again, very spacious. I also want to point out the dining area was also very large and the master bath was a roman tub. I’m a bit of a Basic B. so you know I need me some bath time!

The Pool

The pool at the Verona was always glowing. Glowing faces, glowing furniture, and glowing water! I never catch that pool dirty which again comes down to an amazing staff. The lounge chairs are well kept, the bbq’s are gorgeous and everyone always seems to get along by the pool. It’s such a nice environment.

The District, Boynton

Type: 2 bed 2/bath
Rent: $1980
Specials: ½ month free rent, Half off Admin & Applications, $99 deposit
Total Move-In: $444
Discovery: Drive By

There is so much to say about the district. Spoiler Alert, This is the community we decided to go to and let me just say it was definitely a hard decision. The Verona had the biggest sq ft, and amazing staff and OneBoynton had a separate Business Lounge from the Communal space.  The Leasing Manager, Jhonathan really sold us. He showed us the model apartment and upon request let me see an empty apartment. He was patient and went through a few different apartment options they had available. We got a great deal on a corner apartment, second floor. The rest of the staff was extremely helpful, whenever Jhonathan was not available Denise helped us with whatever we needed. I would recommend The District to all my friends, and I have! Here are all the other reasons why I was sold.

Low move in Fees

The move in fees definitely helped us make a decision. To break it down, It was a total of $379.00 between the admin, application, and deposit. The deposit, with approved credit, was only $99! Yes, I know, you can’t pass that deal up. They also had a special running for a free ½ month of rent which they allowed us to put towards our move in and since our move in date landed on the 16th, the half prorated rent was only $65 once you calculated the ½ month free deal. They don’t always run that special, we really got lucky but all and all Even at full price, I think we still would have decided on the District

Communal Space

The communal space is absolutely amazing. The clubhouse/ lounge is beautiful and thankfully opens up at 8:30. This is great because I do work from home and although there is plenty of space for an office, I like to separate my living space from my workspace. There is also free coffee, a conference room, a co-working area, a beautiful pool, great community events, a pet bath, beautiful BBQ area, and lastly a very lively culture. The people living at the district were all people around my age and have similar interests. I was excited to talk to some. I also found a few other people I enjoyed who also use the communal space for work, “hello to my freelance lovers!”

Kitchen Floorplan

The kitchen floor plan seemed to be the best of our top pick. It was open to the rest of the apartment, functional and the colors were really neutral but eye-catching. I also really enjoyed how large the island was that doubled as the sink. Because of the limited space for dining having this area large enough for 3 individuals was perfect. I also liked the fact that I can watch Tv and speak with my guests while washing the dishes, or at least watch my boyfriend wash dishes and make sure he’s actually doing it right.

Double Master Bedrooms

The District 2 bed 2 bath, floor plan 2B had very large bedrooms, I don’t think they state the rooms being a double master but they definitely feel that way. We needed a double master for guests and felt it would be great if they had their own space. Although the second room did have the bathroom connecting to the main living space, there was another door connecting from the bathroom and we felt that space would allow our guests to feel at home. The closets were also large in size! Here are the rooms side by side.

We are very excited about the next chapter in our lives and we hope we can make your move in the process a little easier with our analysis. Honestly, If we could live in all three options we would.

Here are some quick tips!

If you’re looking for more living space, Choose the Verona.
If you’re looking for better business accommodations, Choose OneBoynton.
If you’re looking for more bedroom space and tasteful designs, Choose The District.

Author: Angelique Rosado

Business Brand Development, Writer, Creative Opportunist

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