Skin Fusion- Boca

My First Med Spa Treatment and I’m HOOKED.

My Trip to Skin Fusion In Boca

Photography by Amanda Maxine
A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty down about my skin, especially my face. A client of mine, Ms. Holly Mueller assigned me the task of completing some blog articles surrounding her practice. She runs an amazing practice specializing in Botox, Dysport, and other cosmetic treatments. I started doing research to fully understand her services and thought, maybe I can benefit from a little plumping and smoothing. If Holly was in Florida, she’d would have scheduled an appointment with me to see if I was a candidate but, her practice is located in Paradise Valley, Arizona.
My good friend here and client, Brooke from Skin Fusions is an esthetician and miracle-worker! She practices in Boca Raton, Florida and she is more than I can put into words. I made an appointment with her to have her look at my skin. I told her I was thinking of getting Botox or some kind of injectable and wanted her advice.
When I arrived, she had me fill out a quick form that I thought would only go into a filing box. After filling it out, she went over what I filled in and I was surprised how she actually took the time to go over the details. She’s extremely knowledgeable. Not only is Brooke an esthetician, but she’s also a registered practitioner with an RH license.
Brooke also knows I’ve been wanting to do Microblading so we had a quick conversation about that as well and what to expect. After our conversation, she got right to it!
She explained that most of my dissatisfaction in my facial lines and under-eye circles can be from an allergy of some sort, dehydration and/or poor diet, which I will agree is true. She did a quick strip PH test and said my PH was very acidic and this could also be the cause. She further explained that proper skincare, diet, and a few other things should help tremendously. Brooke has a background in holistic medicine and I truly got to take advantage of her knowledge. She truly is a jack of all trades and wants the best for each individual client.
The actual service was fantastic! My skin still feels amazing and I met with her 4 days ago! The Hydraderm Facial really made the difference. It’s an advanced technology that resurfaces the skin to create a smooth, fresh, more youthful glow! She also extracted a calcium deposit and educated me on skin regimes. At one point she noticed I was extremely nervous because I wasn’t too sure what to expect with the extractions but, she walked me through it and it was great! All her products are fantastic and smelled amazing. There is a huge difference in professional products and even my products at home I thought were amazing do no justice. My next step is to buy some products from her for home use and continue seeing her once a month.
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Author: Angelique Rosado

Business Brand Development, Writer, Creative Opportunist

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