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Is Your Dirty Home Causing Anxiety?

Survey says, “66 percent of Americans say a dirty home makes them feel stressed or anxious, 63 percent of Americans claim to do the majority of their home cleaning, and Clutter is cited as the most annoying kind of mess to have in the home. Alex, from Apartment Guide, gets into detail about how dirty homes are causing anxiety.

Cleaning for A Traditional Millennial

“There are two main seasons when cleaning the home is top of mind: Spring and winter. Seventy-six percent of Americans claim to participate in spring cleaning each year, and tackling a dirty home before family visits for the holidays is a dreaded challenge for many.

Dirty homes cause stress

While deep cleaning is popular at these times, regular maintenance is needed throughout the year as well. A dirty home can not only cause the spread of bacteria and allergens, but it’s also a source of emotional tension. When surveyed, 66 percent of Americans said that a dirty homemade them feel stressed or anxious.” Read More

For more information, check out Alex Heinz full article from The Apartment Guide

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