Fries To Caviar | Boca Raton’s Not so Hidden Treasure!

Boca Raton’s not so hidden treasure, Fries To Caviar, is recently under new ownership. The Duo, Anthony and Philipp are brothers and run the restaurant together. I have had the chance to meet both of them during my many visits since they have re-opened and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the dynamic between the two of them. The friendly brotherly banter and friendly tones really make you feel at home.

On a main note, the food at this Boca Raton Restaurant is absolutely amazing. Chef Chad and protege, Julian must be performing magic in the kitchen because everything that comes out is a work of art. This place really does have everything from… Fries to Caviar…

During my first visit, I had the chance to try the empanadas! These were not just ANY empanadas, these were beef empanadas with mashed potatoes and honestly, I didn’t know something like this existed. Anyone who knows me understands my love for both empanadas and potatoes and I was so excited when Phill recommended I try them.

On my second visit, Chad made me a surprise dish and spoiler alert, you’ll find it on the updated menu! Fresh muscles, shrimp, and pasta with a light sauce and bread for dipping. Absolutely delicious. If I were rating this restaurant, and I am, I would give them a 10 out of 10!

On another note, the restaurant has lots of seating. Choose between the dining area, the bar or the beautiful garden in the back. You’ll surely find a place to be comfortable. 

If you’re a sweet tooth, you won’t want to forget to order dessert! Choose between, Chocolate Cake, Keylime Cheese Cake, (List Others) Thankfully I was with a big group and we ordered them all to try! Here is what they looked like.

Word on the street is that Chef chad has had an amazing opportunity thanks to his many years of experience and a little help from the owners to open a new restaurant in Vietnam. and Protege, Julian will soon be taking over. The transition has been underway for a few months now and Chad will soon be leaving the kitchen to Julian. Both Anthony and Phillip wish Chad the very best on this new and exciting opportunity and are excited for Julian’s time to shine.

If you want to check out this restaurant, they are open Monday-Sunday from Lunch to dinner. Get there full hours and business information on their website and don’t forget to let them know I sent you!

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Author: Angelique Rosado

Business Brand Development, Writer, Creative Opportunist

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