Online Resources To Help Relieve Stresses From COVID-19!

Covid-19 is a serious virus that has taken most of the world by storm. Businesses are forced to temporarily close, some permanently and millions of job will be lost. We understand that we may not be able to come up with a vaccine or go back in time to stop anyone from allegedly eating a live bat but, we can make it easier, especially for our ladies out there!

Here are a few online resources to make this pandemic a little more tolerable.

Grove Collaborative- Deliver Household Goods

Whether your city, state or country has mandated business closures, stay at home orders or even quarantines we still need our essentials, especially groceries, cleaning supplies, etc. You can order all your cleaning essentials, including toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes from this online company called Grove Collaborative. Even better, sign up for VIP for free shipping and free monthly gifts! No need to wait in line with potentially ill individuals. Skip the line, SIGN UP HERE

Shipt- Deliver Your Groceries

I barely wanted to leave my house before, let alone with a bunch of potentially sick people breathing on me but I still need to eat, I still need to feed my little family. Instead of leaving the house, I order all of my products from Shipt. I can choose which Publix I want to shop or my personal favorite, Target and someone does the heavy lifting for me! I request my items be left at my door, sanitize my items and back to Netflix. This is also a great option for people who want to make a little extra money. Unfortunately, jobs are scarce and shoppers are making up to $22+ an hour! You can sign up to be a shopper HERE

Madison Reed- Hair Color for Home

Unfortunately, along with many of our other favorite businesses, beauty salons have been ordered to close, Especially in South Florida. Madison Reed allows you to order your hair color online and offers tutorials on how to apply it. Although there are tutorials on how to highlight, I would only recommend ordering base color and overall color/ toners. This will cover up and grays and tone that brassy hair! If you’re interested, LEARN MORE HERE

Nurx- Online Birth Control

Some Doctors Offices haVE been closed and are only excepting emergencies. Even the offices that are opening, you can risk getting in contact with someone with the virus. Unfortunately, for us woman on Birth Control, we need prescriptions every month. Try Nurx! You can read more about how it works HERE

MD Live- Online Medical Advice & Prescriptions

For everything else Medical,you can try MD Live! Simply sign up for free, find a doctor, and start a session. Their doctors are well versed in many Medical, Behavioral & Dermatology Issues. You can get more information and check out the FULL LIST HERE

We know it’s not a lot, but we hope this helps make life just a little bit better.

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Author: Angelique Rosado

Business Brand Development, Writer, Creative Opportunist

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