Luseta Beauty Launches New Hand Sanitizer

In the midst of a pandemic, Luseta Beauty released a rinse-free hand sanitizer. LB states 20% of the sales of the new product will be donated to the CDC Foundation to support Covid-19 research.

Word From Luseta

“As a beauty brand, creating a hand sanitizer may be very different from what we used to do,” says BH, Vice president of Luseta Beauty. “However, we hope to do our part in helping the community during these difficult times by harnessing the resources that we have and making them available to those in need.”

Tell Me More!

The Luseta Beauty Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer comes in three different sizes and ranges from $2.99 – $28.99. “We’re making this product as affordable as possible, especially since hygiene products are now so hard to come by,” BH added.

About Luseta Beauty

Luseta Beauty was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2011 with the mission to deliver superior salon quality hair products and enjoyable brand experience at an affordable price. Luseta Beauty is crafted with all natural ingredients, free of sulfates and parabens. A firm believer in social responsibilities, Luseta Beauty does not support animal testing and uses all biodegradable and recyclable materials in packaging.

Top 3 Products from Luseta Beauty

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Not sure what products are RIGHT for you? Take their Quiz You’re Welcome!

For more information, visit their website, Luseta Beauty

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Author: Angelique Rosado

Business Brand Development, Writer, Creative Opportunist

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