Wendy Iles Shares Hair Trends To Look Out For Post Covid-19

As many are considering what haircut to get when the salons eventually reopen, Wendy Iles, one of the world’s most sought-after celebrity hairstylists, shares her tips below for the upcoming hair trends.

1. What are the emerging trends set to look like?  

After years of the long, sexy big beach waves trend, the hair trend of this decade, 2020, has undertaken drastic changes. In the past few years, every woman seemed to rock in the fizzy beach waves, a hairstyle that was unbelievably popular it not only looked effortlessly chic but was also a  bold and flowing style with minimum maintenance.  From this year onward we are redeeming what a bold and flowing style is, which looks  just as effortless s and low maintenance but unconventionally chic. 

1. Curly short hair with bangs with a 70’s feel was seen on the recent catwalks and after isolating people will be ready for the big chop!

2. Curtain bangs are on-trend and certainly, most people with a fringe will be on their way to having this length of fringe in place. Embrace it, it’s hot!

3. Chanel, Celine, Saint Laurent shows all showed us the 70’s spirit long hairstyles are present in almost every luxury brand.  Letting the heavy, gorgeous, and natural-looking hair fall like a curtain is luxurious. The key is nurtured natural hair and we can officially say goodbye to over-styled and over tonged locks.

2. Which hair colors are trendy and in fashion?

Everything will have a focus on natural ….people are discovering while staying at home just how much “upkeep” color can be. They will be searching for more neutral shades with low upkeep.  So look toward honey blondes, ash browns, and rusty reds.

Wendy has more than 4 decades of experience at the top of her field in hairdressing. During her years of work on some of the most prestigious beauty campaigns, Wendy was quick to realize that she needed supercharged high-performance haircare that could provide instant repair and visible results for her clients. Wendy spent a decade scouring the globe to find powerful ingredient blends and complexes that would provide immediate results for her high-profile clientele.

First created as an on-set hair secret, Iles Formula officially launched in 2016. It was never her plan to launch a hair range, it just happened when celebrities and royals saw first-hand the spectacular results these formulas delivered to their own hair from the first application.

Iles Formula is a 3-step high-performance haircare system. The unique proprietary high-grade repair ingredients are the secret behind the Iles Formula signature spun-silk hair finish. Wendy’s extraordinary attentiveness has resulted in haircare that truly works from the very first use. 

Available Products

Signature Hair Turban Towel – Gray

Haute Performance Curl Revive Spray, 150ml

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Absolutely loving Wendy and her line? Check out her book “A Book About Hair- Wendy Iles

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Author: Angelique Rosado

Business Brand Development, Writer, Creative Opportunist

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