Planters With Character From 30 Watt

Unique Planters Make the Perfect Back-To-College Gift

30 Watt’s Face Plant and Silicone Planter are ideal for plant lovers who enjoy fun, design, and functionality perfect for a small space.

30 Watt has released the ideal back-to-college gifts for plant lovers. The Face Plant and Silicone Planter are must-haves for green thumbs living in tight quarters, especially those who are looking for fun and functionality, and who want to express their creativity and individuality.

The Face Plant gives plants a personality, so you never feel awkward talking to your plants again! The planter combines the functionality of a minimal, high-design house planter with the functionality of a creative place to keep your glasses in plain sight, so you never lose them. To add more fun to the mix, the Face Plant can be personalized with facial expressions and messages using any dry erase marker. It is made of 100 percent ceramic and has drainage holes in the bottom for proper plant care.

The Silicone Planter is the ultimate space-saving, natural light-absorbing planter. It clings to any shiny surface using a patented technology, without the use of glue or suction cups. The planter will hold most small plants two inches in diameter and works as a stylish accent décor piece. The Silicone Planter will cling to mirrors, windows, filing cabinets, whiteboards, and more.

The Face Planter (marker not included) is available at Target and Both the Face Planter and Silicone Planter are available on

Also, for the first time since 2018, all 30 Watt products are now available on the recently re-launched Users can browse 30 Watt’s entire catalog of products, including some re-releases of key items from the past few years.  Fan favorites have included funny gift bags, barware, novelty items, and 30 Watt’s flagship shower drink holders. 30 Watt accepts Amazon Pay, Pay Pal, Google Pay, and credit cards.

30 Watt

30 Watt’s CEO, Ryan Walther, began his career as an early partner at The Onion, during his college days in Wisconsin. He aided their rise to a household name, sowing his comical oats there for over 20 years.

It was there that he met Arik Nordby – the creative mastermind behind The Onion’s most popular product at the time (a prank gift box affectionately known today as the Prank Pack). They co-founded 30 Watt on the basis of a simple idea: bring The Onion style of humor and content to the product world.

30 Watt develops, designs, and manufactures unconventional products that empower people to be clever. The company tells funny stories and solves unique problems through form and function.

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Online Resources To Help Relieve Stresses From COVID-19!

Covid-19 is a serious virus that has taken most of the world by storm. Businesses are forced to temporarily close, some permanently and millions of job will be lost. We understand that we may not be able to come up with a vaccine or go back in time to stop anyone from allegedly eating a live bat but, we can make it easier, especially for our ladies out there!

Here are a few online resources to make this pandemic a little more tolerable.

Grove Collaborative- Deliver Household Goods

Whether your city, state or country has mandated business closures, stay at home orders or even quarantines we still need our essentials, especially groceries, cleaning supplies, etc. You can order all your cleaning essentials, including toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes from this online company called Grove Collaborative. Even better, sign up for VIP for free shipping and free monthly gifts! No need to wait in line with potentially ill individuals. Skip the line, SIGN UP HERE

Shipt- Deliver Your Groceries

I barely wanted to leave my house before, let alone with a bunch of potentially sick people breathing on me but I still need to eat, I still need to feed my little family. Instead of leaving the house, I order all of my products from Shipt. I can choose which Publix I want to shop or my personal favorite, Target and someone does the heavy lifting for me! I request my items be left at my door, sanitize my items and back to Netflix. This is also a great option for people who want to make a little extra money. Unfortunately, jobs are scarce and shoppers are making up to $22+ an hour! You can sign up to be a shopper HERE

Madison Reed- Hair Color for Home

Unfortunately, along with many of our other favorite businesses, beauty salons have been ordered to close, Especially in South Florida. Madison Reed allows you to order your hair color online and offers tutorials on how to apply it. Although there are tutorials on how to highlight, I would only recommend ordering base color and overall color/ toners. This will cover up and grays and tone that brassy hair! If you’re interested, LEARN MORE HERE

Nurx- Online Birth Control

Some Doctors Offices haVE been closed and are only excepting emergencies. Even the offices that are opening, you can risk getting in contact with someone with the virus. Unfortunately, for us woman on Birth Control, we need prescriptions every month. Try Nurx! You can read more about how it works HERE

MD Live- Online Medical Advice & Prescriptions

For everything else Medical,you can try MD Live! Simply sign up for free, find a doctor, and start a session. Their doctors are well versed in many Medical, Behavioral & Dermatology Issues. You can get more information and check out the FULL LIST HERE

We know it’s not a lot, but we hope this helps make life just a little bit better.

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Is Your Dirty Home Causing Anxiety?

Survey says, “66 percent of Americans say a dirty home makes them feel stressed or anxious, 63 percent of Americans claim to do the majority of their home cleaning, and Clutter is cited as the most annoying kind of mess to have in the home. Alex, from Apartment Guide, gets into detail about how dirty homes are causing anxiety.

Cleaning for A Traditional Millennial

“There are two main seasons when cleaning the home is top of mind: Spring and winter. Seventy-six percent of Americans claim to participate in spring cleaning each year, and tackling a dirty home before family visits for the holidays is a dreaded challenge for many.

Dirty homes cause stress

While deep cleaning is popular at these times, regular maintenance is needed throughout the year as well. A dirty home can not only cause the spread of bacteria and allergens, but it’s also a source of emotional tension. When surveyed, 66 percent of Americans said that a dirty homemade them feel stressed or anxious.” Read More

For more information, check out Alex Heinz full article from The Apartment Guide

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Grove Collaborative, YES!

Grove Collaborative Has Turned Me Into My Mother.

Gone are the days where I can make fun of my mother for getting enjoyment out of cleaning.  I remember in my teens looking at my mother and thinking to myself, “there is no way she is enjoying that.” after begging me to clean my room for going on the 6th time. I HATED cleaning and, It wasn’t until about 24, 25 that I actually experienced enjoyment from it.

I was never too particular on any specific cleaning products, I had a few I preferred from Walmart or Target but, nothing to write home about. Honestly, whatever got the job done and smelled nice was fine with me! I also didn’t make it a thing to shop from the same brand or store. A little bit of research online and only got items while they were on sale meant spending additional time but honestly I was saving a good penny! It’s actually smart to do things that way unless of course, you find somewhere that always offers the “Best Deals” I hate to sound so sales-like but honestly, Grove Collaborative is the perfect place to order some of my favorite products. I’m so confident that you’ll feel the same way that I am going to list a few stores that also sell these products.

The top brands you’ll find in Grove Collaborative are

Mrs. Meyers
Seventh Generation
Grove Collaborative(Of course) + More

Most of these products you can find at Target, Walmart, Publix, etc for essentially the same price. Target is actually known for Method and Mrs. Meyers and I hear people ranting and raving about them all the time. I think I found Mrs. Meyers for the first time years ago at Target and loved the smells. As far as Grove Collaborative goes, you can only get that on their website.

What Are The Benefits Of Grove Collaborative?

Being that you can get these products in Major stores, I thought it would be beneficial to point out the reasons Grove Co is the way to go. Don’t worry, I’ll point out some cons too and how to work around them!

No Effort  Subscription

The fact that I can go into my account and schedule my items by month or every other month etc. is so convenient. You can also make these adjustments by item. You may not need dish soap as often as hand soap or floor cleaner as often as laundry detergent, Grove understands this and you get to choose!

Free Gifts

When I first signed up on Grove I didn’t realize I would get 5 products for free. I actually saw some woman posting about it and I normally don’t watch those dumb videos of people opening boxes, but, this woman was FUNNY. I can’t even remember who posted it but I saw The Meyers products and figured ey If I only get a bit of entertainment from this I’m okay with that. The link on post referred me to a page that gave me 5 free products and free VIP Subscription which meant free shipping and discounts.

I ended up adding all my favorite products because It was easier for me to order online than bring up bags to my apartment on the 2nd floor for things I may have gotten in Target. My second month I thought of skipping since I only needed hand soap and I could probably make it another month. I received an email a few days before my shipment would have gone out with two free gifts! My favorite sponges and a lip balm I had in my favorites I was going to order the month after. Again, I added a few new things and only $27 later again free shipping, I’m anxiously waiting for the products to get here!

Yes, There May Be A Con/ Catch

Some people feel like the subscription is where they catch you and, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a bad thing. Once you sign up and make your first order, you items automatically go on your subscription list to order and send out in exactly one month. I am very familiar with subscriptions so I kind of know my way around them. I removed all my products from subscription In case I didn’t like them once they came. I also wasn’t sure if the price would go up on these and I wanted to keep an eye on it. Grove also has a plan where you can order on an as need basis! Although I like the subscription because I feel It is convenient I’m aware that it may not be practical for everyone. I think this option is also good for people who may not be computer savvy or understand how the platform works/how to use it. I also want to point out that before every delivery/ shipment Grove will send you an email letting you know what is on your order list. There are no surprises here!

I honestly really enjoy these products and want to recommend the Peony scented products. I kind of HATE the mint so I’m going to pass on that and hope you all do the same. Unless you’re one of those people who just want to see the world burn!

So, yes I am now my mother, enjoying cleaning the house and telling people about how great they are. Thanks, Mother!

No need for a referral code! Their website offers 5 free products to all their new guests so, take advantage and watch for those subscriptions!

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