360 Virtual Tours For Businesses!

A Traditional Millennial is now offering 360 Virtual Tours! A Tour is great for Businesses of all sizes including, Real Estate Agents.

The most common businesses that use 360 Virtual Tours are:


Medial Offices

Beauty Salons

Retail Stores

Apartment Complexes

+ So Much More!

Interested in a tour? Call or email us now for more information:

Phone: 561-634-6541


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Wedding Invitation and Website Package $399

Wedding Invitation and Website Package $399

Your wedding is less than 365 days away, you haven’t sent out your wedding invitations, and everyone is asking about the details. You’re already bombarded trying to figure out the cake, the food, and how to keep your aunt away from the booze. You can’t possibly stick her at the children’s table… Can you?

Your wedding is meant to be enjoyed so why not have us take care of some of the details for you! Now, for a limited time enjoy our wedding invitation and website package! Your guests can learn about how you first met,  view images of the ceremony and reception with details, RSVP and choose their meal all in the same place. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, your wedding just got easier, #yourewelcome

Our package includes:

Custom website with your unique domain

Personalized email
Online RSVP
Online Guest “Choose your meal”
Registry Integration Page
Hotel Detail page for out of state guests
Wedding & Reception details page
How we met page
Up to 8 additional/ misc. page options
Matching Save the date design (Print not included)
Matching Invitation design (Print not included)

Website Design Example!

For more themes email us TODAY!


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Your Brand & Why It’s Important

“The brand is a promise of the value you will receive”.

Your Brand & Why It’s Important

Most business owners don’t realize how important branding is. Your logo is the start of many design elements that visually reflect who you are as a business. Another idea of branding is slogans and verbiage in marketing materials. Fast Company Magazine states “The brand is a promise of the value you will receive”.

Be unique with your branding and differentiate yourself from your competition. Analyze what you do best and run with it. Your brand doesn’t necessarily need to be a salon or spa but a service that you exceed most in over the others.

Back to your logo. Don’t let it be too gimmicky and definitely don’t get too personal. I have seen business fade out due to a name or logo that just may not stick with the community in your field of business or maybe because the name was too corny. You need to have a happy medium and think of a logo that is easily understood but not upfront obvious. Remember this logo has to be something your customers remember not something they want to forget.

Your business name. This is also very important. A lot of people go with a business name that may not have anything to do with the line of work they are in, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean we are all trying to be unique right! If you are going to have a business name that doesn’t give you the idea of what the business is making sure your slogan describes what you do. Something so simple can, in fact, make or break your business

Your business cards. It’s not just a business card. This card is YOU. This card is the only piece a customer has as a reflection of you once they leave. Remember to have a clear picture of your logo on this as well as what you do so when they are looking, later on, they will have your name and logo connected to a service or product they need. This technique goes back to the early ages of marketing and branding and is the most important.

Websites & social media. Again, make sure you have your logo clearly located on both your website and social media pages. We’re trying to get a rhythm here. It also will help with how you are being listed on search engines and will help your ranking if you have the same logo on all of your pages. This consistent multimedia helps you rank higher on google based on algorithm analytics done in early 2015. Make sure you take your slogan and use the same marketing materials you have been using on all your other. Consistency is a major role in all of your branding! Make sure you are delivering the same message!

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Easy Blog Topics

Easy Blog Topics

We have all been there. You are sitting at your desk with a blank mind thinking “What can I possibly write about now?” Maybe its writer’s block or maybe you haven’t had your coffee yet. Either way, try these topic ideas from a variety of mid-market bloggers to experts.

Customer Experiences

Most people love to hear from actual people about a place of business or service they have intentions to visiting. Luckily in today’s age, we have the internet, and what a beautiful thing that is. It’s easy to get a few of your happy customers to either write a review about their experiences or even allow for an interview. Seriously who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight?

  • Find out what customers say about your product or service. Add a little self-advertising while you’re at it.
  • Ask someone well known in your community or in your field of business to write about your product or service. If this person is of high authority in your field potential customers will listen to them.
  • Interview a complete stranger who is in no way related to your industry. See what they think about your product or service. This may be more powerful than you think!

List Posts

This tactic can be the simplest and most effective. Nowadays people want quick, easy and to the point. Create lists posts to allow for your customers to skim through but still have substance and value to what they are reading. Here are a few ideas:

  • Best motivational speakers or writers
  • E-Books and podcast your followers may like and benefit from
  • Top-Notch Business Apps or tools to assist with SEO.
  • A list of Twitter accounts your followers should follow
  • A number of blog topic ideas (Genius; I know)

Recap Posts

Recap some experiences you had lately. Have you volunteered lately? Was there an award ceremony in your industry you would like to talk about and share with your customers. Here are a few favorites:

  • Recap a debate or talk show
  • Talk about a recent conference or trade show you attended
  • Maybe summarize a webinar you hosted or were a part of.

Review Posts

This is great for someone who may not have a lot of time or fresh content to write about. Research some posts and choose the ones you like and write about them. Give your audience your opinion and your take on it. This is easy because it has already been written and the only thing left is to give your take on it all. It can’t get any simpler than that!


If you are involved with makeup or DIY and such this could be something very common. But to those who aren’t too familiar with this. Here are some ideas:

  • Tips on how to make your content more appealing
  • Teach your audience how to deal with writer’s block
  • Create cheat sheets.
  • Explain to your audience what NOT to do
  • How to posts.

Photo and video content

This is one of the more important ones and can tie into SEO strategies. Post pictures and videos maybe even a slide show presentation. It’s a great chance to show off your creative side along with how knowledgeable you come off to your audience. Make sure when you post a video or picture or any type of multimedia content that you use all of your social media and website platforms to post the same material. This helps your ranking on google. This is the same idea Yext uses and unfortunately has almost monopolized for all online local listings. Fortunately, you can still get your hands on free social media sites so use it to your advantage! Post, post and post some more until you have no more ideas. When that happens to feel free to read some of our how to’s and topic ideas! We post daily!


There are so many ideas, Some more common and some not so common. This list is some not so common and could cause for some very unique content!

  • Case studies: Take someone’s brand and an obstacle they had to overcome. Talk about how they solved the issue and the results.
  • News
  • Provide links to your audience you think would benefit them
  • Inspire and motivate others!

Hopefully, you got halfway through this and had some ideas to write! For more information reach out to me for a free consultation on how to improve your business.

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6 Marketing Trends For 2017

6 Marketing Trends of 2017

Content You Can Play With

Readers want more than just content, Try polls surveys quizzes even infographics say Aj Agrawal from Forbes. These allow your readers to what I like to say “Play with content” Your readers and subscribers will not only spend more time on your website but will lead to high conversion rates. Interactive content also draws more attention and gets the reader involved! Get them to really really like you! (Not the crazy ex-girlfriend like… you don’t want that)


Media is a great trend for 2017, Especially video. Facebook’s algorithm pushes out more video & live video than any other plain text post. I’m sure you have noticed this while scrolling through Facebook. Aj also explains that around 95% of your feed includes video.

Facebook Live

Speaking of video content, Facebook live is a hot marketing trend. Another live feed comes from Instagram’s story option, Like infamous Snapchat. Facebook, just like the regular video will push live feeds over any other content. Try a live Facebook video the next time you decided to give your followers some words!


Snapchat is short-lived content and as everyone knows only displays video or pictures for anytime between 1-10 seconds. Yea, that’s it. After the time is up unless this snap is on your story will disappear to be gone forever. When you add media to your story it lasts up to 1 day and for whatever reason, you missed that 5-second video, users have the options to replay 1 video or picture a day! But that’s it. It seems to be extremely appealing to viewers especially those with short attention spans. (cough cough, this entire generation) People want instant and short content, including myself. No shame. Another example of this is bullet point content articles. (Like this one!) These are short and to the point.

Mobile VS Desktop

A few years ago when developing a website it was created mainly around a desktop view and because we already learned that mobile views have surpassed desktop all that is changing. Now that more people use their smartphone or mobile device it’s smarter to create websites, content articles and ads around mobile-first, desktop second. This will help user experience and overall help with CTR.

Personality Marketing

Also known as influence marketing is not anything new but something that is not done enough. This includes customer testimonials & recommendations from trusted sources, normally from a liked public figure. This doesn’t have to necessarily be a star or anything really just someone people look up to and trust. People tend to listen to people they trust or who are close to someone even if it’s only through the internet.

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8 Simple Ways To Market Your Business

8 Simple Ways To Market Your Business

It’s not impossible to spread the word about your business. Here are some quick tips on how to get the word out!

Give Them A Taste!

If you aren’t in the food business, Don’t worry this STILL applies to you! Give your customers a preview of your services and explain the benefits of what you do. Customers want to see results and know they are in good hands.

Network Network Network!

I’m a huge networker. I love meeting new people and try to attend local events in the area. Meeting new people allows me to get my business name out there and also allows me to recommend other local businesses. It’s a nice team effort and definitely pays off. I’m lucky to say I barely do any paid advertisement and most of my clientele comes from recommendations.  It works, go meet people!

Not Many Events? Plan Your Own!

If there are not many events going on, It’s advised you create your own. This may seem like a lot to do but rest assure this easy task can be accomplished within a few days. Plan an auction, Do some volunteering, or maybe plan a night out for potential customers to get to know more about you and your business! Again get to know your target market and allow them to get to know you.

Start a Blog

Blogging can be extremely useful. With the help of our content writers, we can ensure that you are always at the top of your market with the most up to date news on your line of work. Offer some advice, help, and offer some tips and tricks your customers can do themselves. Again this is a great way to be more personable with your customers and will result in your business growing.

Be Helpful

Be as helpful as possible. Customers will go where there is good customer service and with a company that goes above and beyond. Host a live twitter questionnaire where your new and existing customers can ask questions about services and tips they can do on their own for an hour out of the week. This is a very effective and fun way to gain new business and gain more content online!

Send a Weekly Email

This is a great way to stay connected with your customers. Give them something useful to read to keep you in mind. Your weekly email doesn’t necessarily have to do with your business, Maybe just a little Monday Motivation, either way, this is a great way to keep your business fresh in your customer’s mind.

Use Social Media

Using social media is so important this day and age. Something as easy as a quote, a little helpful tip or just something to brighten someone’s day can result in a new or repeat business customer. This will also turn into brand awareness and really get your business out there. People share and a few days later your Facebook following of 200 has been shared to thousands of people!! Use the internet and social media to your advantage. Not only is it the quickest form of advertisement but it’s also effective. People listen to their friends, use that to your advantage.

Create a Cool Giveaway

We mentioned earlier to give a little piece to your customers but what’s better than the whole pie! Getting your customers excited about a small give away will also show you who is most interested in what you have to offer. Spend a little more time getting to know these customers. If you are a marketing company try offering a free month’s worth of drip marketing. This not only allows them a taste but to start seeing results as well! The customers who see the benefit in this will end up continuing this service. For the customers who did not win it sparks an interest and they start asking questions. It’s a win-win!


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My First Day As A Freelancer Is Also National Napping Day!

Hello, World,

In case you didn’t know, today is National Napping Day! Today is also the first day of my freelance career and it is bittersweet, to say the least.

Just to recap, I’ve been working freelance on the side and have decided recently with the help of my friends and family to take the leap into fulltime freelancer. That means no more day job, no more 9-5, no more waking up at someone else’s requirements.

This morning I woke up a little after 9am, yes, a little late for me and I made homemade raspberry pancakes for my boyfriend and me. I’m both nervous and excited to see where this takes me. Thankfully I am already pretty busy with work and will definitely make sure I get a nap in, given the holiday.

I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who try to sell you “my lifestyle” but I will be one of those bloggers who say go after your dreams. Find a way to do what you love, realistically, and create your own schedule.

In January my boyfriend and I, while we were in Port Jeff New York, wrote down our goals for the year. My goal to become freelance was expected to be by the end of the year and It’s MARCH! This is such a good feeling and I hope on working on my other goals continuing the remainder of the year!

Feel free to follow my journey and hopefully it motivates you to follow your own dreams.


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