Finding The Perfect Coffee Shop

So, It’s Monday and Mondays are my, so-called “days off”. Which really means my day to plan for the week ahead. Today I will be searching for the perfect coffee shop for mi Amorcito and I to start working on our new projects together. He just started researching day trading for the stock market and I will be daily blogging. It’s a first for me to daily blog but, I am not new to the writer’s world. I first started blogging in 2015 when I moved from Long Island, New York to Boynton Beach, Florida. Shortly after I started a poetry brand, Shots For The soul in 2016 and have been writing poetry ever since. I am also a content writer and have written many published articles for businesses all over South Florida.

I manage an upscale beauty salon in Delray Beach full-time called Tyler Presley Salon. Feel free to mention my blog for 20% off your first visit.
Part-time, I love to try new restaurants, coffee shops, personal care routines (Because no-one told me at 26 my face would start breaking out), traveling to hidden oasis’s all around Florida, saving money on all the things I love while remaining Boujee and attempting this adulting thing. Let’s just say Barefoot’s Rosé, Formula 10.0.6,  Pores be pure mud mask  and The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce(Currently Bing’ing on Netflix) are the real MVP’s right now.

This is not a one-man show! I collab with only the best creative people all over South Florida as well as New York. Use the menu bar on top of this page to read only what you’re interested in! also, don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list!


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“He Told Me The Flowers Didn’t Laugh”

He told me the rain couldn’t bloom and the flowers didn’t laugh.

                              I Don’t Believe.

That love was a list of things I’d check off as the days and months went by.

I didn’t know what was worse the fact he believed in his words or that I believed them as well.

A Traditional Millennial is your Favorite Beauty Blog for South Florida!

“Be Everything But Sad”

Some nights I go to sleep excited for the new day that lies ahead.

And then morning comes and that pit is still there, the sun is still down and I’ve still got no will.


“Be Everything But Sad”

Those are the days you need to power through.

Blast your music.

Roll your eyes at the cars going too slow.

Be everything but sad.

A Traditional Millennial is your Favorite Beauty Blog for South Florida!

“When I’m not with you”

You know that feeling you get in your chest when something bad happens?

                                                                                 “…So selfish and unforgiving”

It kind of sorta feels like it’s coming from your stomach. Wait, your heart, and it moves through your body starting with your arms…and it doesn’t quite hurt but, it aches. When I’m not with you that’s what it feels like.

And I’ve tried to train my self that time alone will make it stop because God knows no man is allowed to have that kind of hold on me. God knows not again not anymore. I can’t handle another man’s grab. So selfish and unforgiving. Like a child who’s gone days without super.

A Traditional Millennial is your Favorite Beauty Blog for South Florida!

That Sober Smile

That smile,
That sober smile
Followed by your sober laugh seems to take up most of the space in my head.

That split second in the morning where the substances would have subsided by now from the night before was what I looked forward to day after day.

A face full of truth, a kiss full of you and I was ready to start any day.

It was remarkable the things you were capable of, the things you are capable of. If only you were full time sober.

“A face full of truth, a kiss full of you…”

A Traditional Millennial is your Favorite Beauty Blog for South Florida!


And sometimes the sun goes down, our clothes come off, and we don’t know how we got to this point but here we are.

Ashamed, yet craving a stranger’s touch of the unknown, undiscovered parts of ourselves.

A Traditional Millennial is your Favorite Beauty Blog for South Florida!

“I saw it in his eyes he wanted love, we both did.”

People are too quick to blame falling out of love on gas lighting.

Because in the beginning, we were full of dreams and plans and the kids behind the picket white fences.

I saw it in his eyes he wanted love, we both did.

And he never meant to fall short of our visions. We were both trying to be people we weren’t.

We saw love but unfortunately not in each other.

We need to stop blaming good people for believing true love exists even if it’s with someone else.