Rachael’s Full Batch-West Palm Beach Review

Batch, West Palm Beach Overall Review: 4.4 Stars


Atmosphere: From the creative, chalkboard art on the walls to the industrial-style lighting on the
ceiling, Batch Gastropub attracted me from the get-go. The bar was set up in a stylish yet efficient way,
the rustic tables welcomed you to dine at them, and the lighting was pleasant—not too light nor too
dark. I immediately noticed how clean and well kept the place was and knew my dining experience was
only going to go up from here.


Price: When it comes down to craft cocktails, I completely understand why they can be a bit pricy to
some people. However, in my eyes, I think they were priced just well. Paying $12 for a craft cocktail is
justified when I’m getting premium quality and high-end spirits. The garnishes, glassware, and overall
presentation was beyond amazing and surpassed my expectations. When it comes down to the price of
the food though, I do think it was overpriced. The quality of the ingredients was there but the lack of
substance is what made me feel like the food was too much money. When I’m paying $15 for a salad, I
personally expect it to be loaded up with a variety of vegetables, not consist of 95% lettuce and a small
mix of everything else. Even if the price was slashed by a few dollars, it would have been more worth it.


Variety: It boils down to Batch has got it figured out with the wide variety of different craft cocktails,
wine, beer, and just drinks overall. However, when it came down to the food, I felt like it was a very slim
amount of choices. The different styles of food were higher end quality to be considered regular bar
food, so I was expecting a few more choices. In my opinion, when an establishment is catering to higher-
quality food, I personally expect them to have more options considering they’re trying to be different
than a regular bar.


Quality: I was beyond pleased with the quality of the place. I could tell things were crafted well and that
everything that was made, was made with care and took time. The place itself was warm and inviting,
the cocktails were mind-blowing, and even the food tasted like it was made with the freshest
ingredients they had to offer. Batch Gastropub passes with flying colors for quality in my book.


Hospitality: I want to start off with saying that I’m in the biz myself and I have been for a little over five
years now. If I could give this place 11 out of 10 stars for hospitality I would in a heartbeat. Our server,
EJ, was beyond accommodating, helpful, and knowledgeable. We were never left alone too long, any
question we had he had the answer to immediately and confidentially, and we as a group felt welcomed
and wanted the entire time we were here. The owner greeted us as we sat down and let us know that
he was excited we were there and was going to make sure we had the best time possible. Congrats to
Batch for the outstanding service—this alone would make me recommend the place to anyone.